Getting Ready for 2018!

I wanted to e-mail everyone and congratulate them on making it another year! 2017 was a doozy of a year for a lot of people, and sometimes it is hard to put things in perspective when so much is happening in your career, hobbies, news, family, country, ect. depending on who you are and your priorities. I have picked up journaling the last couple of months, and it has helped me a lot in focusing my goals and not getting bogged down in petty stuff. I would seriously recommend journaling for everyone, and it only takes a few minutes a day. If you need any help getting started, reply to this e-mail, and I can send you some links to help get you started.

So in my journals the last few days, I’ve written about goals that I had in 2017 that I did not reach. There are plenty of excuses I can come up to why I did not achieve my goals, but life is much more of a learning process than checking accomplishments off of a list. While it can be disappointing, it has helped me focus on what I want completed and how to do it in the future, and besides that, 2017 has been a very fulfilling year personally with the relationships I have created and strengthened , music I’ve played, and work I have done.

However, one of the main goals that I did not reach in 2017 was completing my second album. I have about 90% of the music done before I start properly mixing and mastering the tracks. The album will definitely be finished in the first quarter of 2018. I hope it will be available then as well, but it may be more like the first half of 2018 to coordinate artwork and some other extras I want to create for this album that I did not for Freshman Orientation. I hope everyone has/had a great holiday season (we got snow in Georgia!), and I hope you are looking forward to getting funky with me next year.

Stay funky,

Professor John